Inspired by Marissa Taylor this complete range will raise money to help her and her family through the long hard battle ahead with Breast Cancer.
Marissa has worked tirelessly helping Candescents grow on social media, has donated $100’s of dollars herself for men’s health campaigns, has taken lead on encouraging selfless acts of kindness and has lead an amazing network of handmaidens across Australia to be the best they can be.
We have worked closely with and known Marissa for 2 years. Marissa has 2 very young children and a loving husband. Both have worked hard to provide for their children.
Candescents has a lot to be thankful for and to be thankful to Marissa.
Our Rissa candle gifts $10 from every sale directly to Marissa and her young family to help her during the next 12 months of treatment.
2 more handmaidens have now joined and are also help with:
Wonder Woman Shirts
Embroidery Earrings

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