Kylie Nitz

Ive been asked many times .. "Why did you start a candle business?, anyone can make them at home or buy them next to nicks at the local $2 shop".

Well the answer, not so short, is this:

I have loved candles forever. I was a keen and very loyal customer of a large chain company, in fact I nearly wet myself with excitement when I found out one was opening in Hervey Bay. When I purchased their candles I believed that I was buying good quality, reputable and paraffin free home fragrance. Now don't get me wrong, their products are amazing but just not for me anymore.

A friend of mine approached me to help her in getting her startup candle business going .. of course I said yes and, with that, asked her for all the nitty gritties.

I needed to know all that if I was going to be selling them .. right? I needed to know that if I was going to have faith in the product myself .. right? And so my true, down to earth education into the world of candles began.

It didn't matter what shop I went into, no-one could tell me (or would tell me) what brand wax their products were made with. They couldn't tell me if the fragrances or dyes used were alcohol or plant based and they couldn't tell me how long ago the candles were made or even if they had lead free wicks.

My friends business was ended shortly after but my fire was ignited to create a product that I would be so proud of I would burst with enthusiasm. I wanted to be eager to educate about the reason I use the ingredients I do, to create my products. I wanted to be transparent, honest and open to feedback, and this is my niche. It is my passion. It is my brand.

"Transparency, environmentally conscious, healthy for mine and your family... the natural choice"

So I believe the answer to my headlined question is:

Yes .. it is flooded .. but not necessarily flooded with transparent quality.

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